Xlab was founded in 1999 by a head strong developer who had a strong believe that a flexible application platform would be the future for application development. This resulted in KeDo, a low code application platform which allows for easy and swift deployement of tailor made applications. His first KeDo customer was the municipality of Waalwijk, which still uses KeDo to this day.

In the years since, Xlab has grown into a company that can compete with the larger names in the industry and KeDo proves to add value where others fail. Our team consists of passionate "nerds" that come from different backgrounds and who consider it a challenge to think along with the customer and to set up KeDo in such a way that the system perfectly matches the wishes and objectives of the customer.

Because we found that KeDo is not only suitable for municipalities, but also for other domains, we have moved to other domains as well. With over 120 deployements of KeDo it is our ambition to get more organizations, small and large, acquainted with KeDo and benefit from its possibilities.

Meet the team