At work you are involved in all kinds of actions and processes, in which multiple parties are involved. To this purpose KeDo is developed. KeDo is an application in which all parts and steps are linked. KeDo is a user-friendly business solution for registering, sharing, monitoring and analyzing organizational and business information.

Customized application

How does it work? Your KeDo consultant will discuss your wishes with you. The application will then be tailor-made for your organization. The result is is that when you start the application, you should immediately recognize your business process and intuitivly know what to do and in what order things should be picked up. You also get the right information at the right time in your work process. KeDo is easily scalable and will accomodate any change in your organisation or work process.

Authorisation matrix

There is currently much to do about privacy and the protection of privacy-sensitive information. The KeDo application therefore includes an extensive authorization system, through which different users of the application receive different permissions. So you decide who gets to see certain information, who can edit that information and who can delete it. KeDo complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

One application for all processes

KeDo can be used by professionals in different sectors. The application is useable for all types of organizations and work processes, ranging from Human Resource Management to Accounting and from Healthcare to Public Safety.

KeDo for you

Xlab's consultants and programmers are enthusiastic and passionate. They think along with you about the ideal implementation of KeDo for you, so that you can get to work every day without any problems!