Since January 2015, the government tasks "Youth Care Act", "Social Support Act" and "Work and Income Act" have been transferred from the central government to the municipalities. In order to be able to perform these tasks properly, cooperation is important for the organisations that are involved and the available budgets.

KeDo for the Social Domain has been developed in collaboration with professionals from the field and is used by both municipalities and healthcare providers. KeDo has already integrated the "Youth Care Act" and the "Social Support Act" and our consultants are fully aware of the latest developments in the field. This has resulted in a flexible package that seamlessly follows the work processes, enables efficient registration and makes management information available at the right time.

Youth Care Act and Social Support Act

With KeDo, we can implement an application for municipalities or care providers within short lead times that meets all current government requirements and standards and still follows their specific work flows. The work processes can be integrated in a transparent and flexible work structure and seamlessly integrated with the iJw and iWmo*, which works according to predefined standards. For example, organizations can flexibly organize that part of their work processes that form the unique approach and yet meet the requirements that are set, for example receiving and sending messages for decisionmaking and/or invoicing.

With KeDo, clients can gain access to their dossier and manage it. With this, KeDo is fully geared to the transition of the 'one family, one plan, one director' method, which has made it possible for the client to be the director of his (or her) own care needs.

* The iJw and iWmo are messaging standards, for which Xlab has developed its own modules. For its use, Xlab has been granted the 'green tick' (groene vink) from the iStandards.

KeDo is fully tailored to your process

Functionalities and access are flexible to set up.


Bringing supply and demand together can be a laborious and time-consuming task. With KeDo you can automate this process with which you can, for example, link volunteers to a project or people in need.


Record your hours worked on projects or client files. Within the KeDo time registration module you have all relevant information in one place.


Send mails directly from KeDo.

Mass mailing

Send newsletters or invitations to activities directly from KeDo. This allows you to keep the entire administration concerning, for example, the activity together within the application.


Send emails directly to those involved or professionals from the relevant file. Responses to the e-mail also end up directly in the file, resulting in closed administration. In addition, dossier-mailing is an extremely suitable way to realize communication regarding sensitive data in a safe manner.


Open actions, expiring periods or reminders appear as notifications on your dashboard or within the notification center. This means you will never miss an expiry date or a relevant message.