Youth workers have to deal with various events and problems every day. Registering this usually consists of making short notes on location, where it is undesirable to fill in all kinds of extensive forms. That happens later, at the office, when the youth worker has more time.

The 'ambulatory round module' is available in KeDo. This makes it possible for youth workers to keep a clear and orderly registration on location. The module recognizes by the GPS location data at which hangout the youth worker is present, shows reports from colleagues and enables youth workers to perform the ambulatory registration with only a few clicks. This information usually consists of the places where the young people are, where and which nuisance is experienced and what the requests for help are. This data is neatly written into the KeDo database of the organization, after which more extensive registration is possible.

KeDo is fully tailored to your process

Functionalities and access are flexible to set up.


Bringing supply and demand together can be a laborious and time-consuming task. With KeDo you can automate this process with which you can, for example, link volunteers to a project or people in need.


Record your hours worked on projects or client files. Within the KeDo time registration module you have all relevant information in one place.


Send mails directly from KeDo.

Mass mailing

Send newsletters or invitations to activities directly from KeDo. This allows you to keep the entire administration concerning, for example, the activity together within the application.


Send emails directly to those involved or professionals from the relevant file. Responses to the e-mail also end up directly in the file, resulting in closed administration. In addition, dossier-mailing is an extremely suitable way to realize communication regarding sensitive data in a safe manner.


Open actions, expiring periods or reminders appear as notifications on your dashboard or within the notification center. This means you will never miss an expiry date or a relevant message.